Description: 2015 Witness for Peace delegation to Cuba, Educational trip to inquire about cooperatives, popular education, and Afro-Cuban Spirituality.

Youth and Peacebuilding

Every day and all over the world, young people are engaged in peacebuilding– in big and small ways.

While mobilizations of youth for violenct causes, including the campaigns of ISIS, have captured headlines in recent months, every day in conflict zones around the world young people are building bridges across communities, working together, educating each other, and helping to manage conflict and promote peace.

These initiatives may often go unnoticed, but young people are vital stakeholders in conflict and in peacebuilding–they have the potential to act as community leaders in peacebuilding, reconciliation, and post conflict reconstruction. Behind the headlines, there is a new generation of peacebuilders, and they are raising their voices.

We are working with young people to dialogue about structural conflicts all around the world. Our aim is to develop a youth-driven global network dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders around the world. This program provides a support system, trainings, and resources for incredible young change-makers. During international trainings, participants build relationships, learn about their conflict styles, and gain tools to improve their community conflict. Youth interventions may include navigating life stressors, addressing past trauma, and building interpersonal skills necessary for success in their futures. Supporting youth in contemporary structural conflicts and improving the knowledge based on best practices for work with conflict affected youth.

This Global Peacebuilding initiative works to engage and empower the next generation of peacebuilders through online resources, activities, onsite and offsite educational programs, and other initiatives.

It is important for young people to understand the world around them and their role within it. As technologies change and relationships between peoples grow ever more interconnected, it becomes increasingly clear that the world is much smaller than it seems. What happens in other places has an impact on all of us.

By learning about the world, by gaining knowledge and skills, and by using everyday tools to engage with others, we can all share, and join a growing community of peacebuilders.